A No Nonsense Approach

Whatever she wants…

That was the mantra.  Whenever there was a decision to be made, that was the standard answer.  Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a client who understands what needs to happen.  In this case, “If she isn’t happy, nobody’s happy!” – which meant designing a kitchen which captured the many things that “made her sing”.  You spend days with your client and soon you realize what makes them happy – you can see it in their face.  No matter how polite they may try to be, you can see how they really feel in their eyes.  And in this remodel, the eyes have it.

Crema Marfil Marble floors, Crystal Chandeliers and Titanium Granite counter tops just for starters.  Columns, murals and the Last Supper finished it off.  All the things that made her sing.  You have probably seen the commercial in which the woman hands an architect a faucet and says “Design a house around this”.  In this case, she pointed at her picture of the last supper and said “I want this over the stove” – looking at the husband, his response was: “Whatever she wants” – soon to be the common response in creating their masterpiece.

The husband, having gone through a major remodel on his previous house, was prepared for what was to come.  The process of gutting and rebuilding a kitchen can be daunting to the uninitiated.  But with a great deal of help from him, we were able to give her what she wanted.  Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are blessed.  In this case we got both.