Lights, Granite, Backsplash!
A No Nonsense Approach

Sometimes it’s the simple updates that make the biggest impact.  As seen in this kitchen update, all it takes is a few simple surface changes to give the entire room a new feel.  In this instance, the change was made with just 4 simple modifications:

New Granite Counter-tops – changes the overall warmth of the kitchen with natural tones

New Back-splashes – Split Face Stone gives texture without overshadowing the beauty of the granite counter-tops

Remove Wallpaper the Texture and Paint – Wallpaper was removed and a light texture with neutral tone paint, again, showing off the investment of the granite.

Under Cabinet Lighting Added– proper lighting is not only crucial for work but plays a pivotal role in showing off your investment.

With the right choice in materials, this kitchen showed a dramatic change in look and feel.  Take a look at the before and after photos below.