Fireplace Remodel
A stunning fireplace transformation brings the homeowner's vision to life...
AFTER - Stunning fireplace with cast stone mantel, raised hearth and tiled background

This fireplace is now a stunning work of art with a cast stone mantel, raised hearth and Italian tile background

Fireplace Remodels can be one of the most challenging changes you can do in your home simply because of the way they are built.  In most cases, the whole house it literally built around the firebox and chimney. But, with some creative thinking, detailed planning and the help of craftsmen that care about their work, you have the ability to dramatically change the look and feel of an entire room by only changing one thing – the fireplace.

In this recent transformation, our client created a specific and unique fireplace design, changing the look from a dark and outdated brick to a sleek Italian tile with cast stone accents.  Our team of skilled artisans carried out her personal vision with stunning results, making her masterpiece come to life.

The results are nothing less than spectacular.