Bueno, Bonito, Barato Bathroom
A No Nonsense Approach

The “3-B’s” – Bueno, Bonito y Barato.  this was the first time we had heard these words together.  The client had a plan.  She was selling her home but first, she wanted to remodel her master bath – something she had always wanted to do.  As with all projects, we spend a lot of time getting to know the client and what they want to accomplish.  When asked, she simply replied – “The 3-B’s, Bueno, Bonito y Borato” – a spanish saying for ” Good, Pretty and Cheap”.  Well, we told her we could do Good, Pretty and Reasonable without looking cheap.

The homeowner’s career was quite demanding which did not allow her to spend much time on the project.  We met before and after work to gather her requirements, researching available materials and designs that would work within her budget.  The results show a dramatic change in the before and afters below.  The bathroom was a long and tall room painted in very dark colors.  It needed more light to make it not seem like a tunnel.  The old mirror doors at the end of the room made the room more like a hallway than a room.  The half wall at the end of the tub served no real purpose and only divided the space up even more.

The floor was replaced with travertine and a wainscott of travertine added.  The walls were lightened with a neutral color and the border at the ceiling was replaced with tasteful crown molding.  New stained cabinets with a center hutch created two distinct work areas.  With the half wall removed, a new 72 x 42″ jetted tub was installed in the rasied tub deck.  Glass French doors with sheers replaced the sliding mirror doors.  We stayed within her budget and kept it very Bonito!

Design and Project Management by  JEDBC, Inc.