A No Nonsense Approach

J.E.Davis Building Consultants, Inc. has helped many homeowners in realizing their dreams.   Below are just a few pictures of some of the changes we have helped people make.   Everything from small cosmetic changes to helping orchestrate a complete new vision.  We work with the homeowner and designers to come up with solutions that give the end results they are looking for.  Coordinating with suppliers, contractors and subcontractors is what we do best to make a successful project.

So what makes a project successful?   There are four main measurements that determine a projects success:

1.) The customer is satisfied
2.) The project is delivered within or under budget
3.) The project is completed on time
4.) The project’s requirements have been met

The most important measure of project success is Customer Satisfaction.  If  a project is on-time, within budget and it meets all requirements yet the customer is not satisfied, the project is a FAILURE!

We strive to keep our clients  informed and educated throughout the project.   We communicate to our clients with face-to-face conversations, status reports, e-mail, status meetings, voice mail,  and formal documentation. Our clients must be kept informed and remain engaged throughout the project.  We want you to know everything that is going on and learn about the project both before, during and after.  We know that effective communications are a two-way street.  A subcontractor can have all the talent and credentials in the world but if they can’t communicate, your project will suffer.  We help you select people that we all can communicate with in a comfortable, trustworthy and friendly manner.   If members of your project team choose not to communicate with you during your project look to have them removed from the team immediately.

Maintaining a dialogue with you throughout  the project helps you to address concerns and issues quickly – saving everyone time, effort and aggravation.  Combining effective communications and management of the project’s triple constraints (Time, Cost, Quality/Requirements) will help to ensure that you are satisfied with the end result of the project.

Here are some images from projects we have helped clients with in the DFW area.   We can do the same for you: