Maintenance + Remodeling = ReMaintenance
A No Nonsense Approach

Maintenance + Remodeling = ReMaintenance

So when does Maintenance become Remodeling?  And why should there be a difference?  Many people are putting off remodeling because of the current economic environment, yet one basic thing they are missing is the general maintenance aspect of remodeling.  That is why I’m inventing the word: ReMaintenance.  ReMaintenance is the method of replacing old, worn out, damaged components of your home with new, efficient, stylish replacements.  Who says you have to fix something with the exact same replacement item?  Why not upgrade it along the way!

Many of the homes in the area I live were built in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  A lot has changed in the last 20 years – and some things aren’t even made any more.  Take plumbing fixtures.  Try finding a large selection of polished brass fixtures a the local Lowe’s or Home Depot.  And take a good look at the fixtures you have.  Are they dripping a little?  Do they have calcium build up around the spouts?  You know they require fixing or replacement just for maintenance purposes.  So why not ReMaintenance them with new Brushed Stainless or Chrome fixtures?  Both are timeless and always available.  And when you replace them, you will want to take a look at replacing your water shut-off valves under the sink with 1/4 turn valves.  Years of calcium build up inside the old valves make them a possible maintenance nightmare if you ever really need to shut off the water.  Small deposits on the rubber washers will keep them from shutting off all the way.  Why not ReMaintenance them with 1/4 turn valves that have no washers.  And have you ever taken apart the P-Trap under your bathroom sink in the last 15 years?  Soap, Shaving cream and hair deposit themselves throughout the pipes.  Why not ReMaintenance them with new P-Traps.  The parts are just as cheap as a bottle of drain cleaner without doing damage to the rest of the system.

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