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Let Us Do Your Homework

Let us do your homework! The kids are back in school and the focus has changed from summer fun to fall homework – not just theirs, but yours too. Sometimes the kids need help with their studies, so you may consider a tutor. Why not consider the same thing for your own homework? Finding the […]

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Maintenance + Remodeling = ReMaintenance

So when does Maintenance become Remodeling?  And why should there be a difference?  Many people are putting off remodeling because of the current economic environment, yet one basic thing they are missing is the general maintenance aspect of remodeling.  That is why I’m inventing the word: ReMaintenance.  ReMaintenance is the method of replacing old, worn out, […]

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Discounting Dangers

I’m sure you have noticed by now the influx of commercials and mailers offering big discounts to remodel your home now.  They try all sorts of incentives to make you think you are getting a good deal or huge price break.  What any savvy homeowner will realize is that every up-front discount will cost them […]

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Move or Remodel?

By Expensive as it is to remodel, it is tempting to think moving is the safest bet. But that can be far from true. “In moving, there is no payback. It is a pure expense,”  Dan Fritschen, the author of “Remodel or Move,” says . “You end up writing an average of $40,000 in checks, […]

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A House is Not a Home

It’s true.  There’s no place like home. That’s why you won’t trust your project to just anyone.  You can’t hand your keys and checkbook to someone who sees your residence as just another house remodel to bid and rush through their pipeline without the care and attention you deserve. Your residence is likely your single […]

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