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What's On Top In Your Kitchen

by Kimberly Janeway – Wednesday, June 16, 2010 provided by Granite remains the biggest seller, having accounted for 56 percent of kitchen-countertop sales in the past year, according to the NPD Group, a market-research company. Quartz (Caesarstone and Silestone) and laminate (Formica), each with 13 percent of the countertop market, trail granite in popularity, followed closely […]

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Everyone Needs a Copilot

Spouse, parent, friend, counselor, teacher – all are, at times, a Copilot for your life.  Each has a specific purpose and calling.  In the most traditional sense, a Copilot is a backup or second pair of eyes and hands.  To a commercial Pilot, the Copilot shares the load and tasks of flying the plane.  There is no doubt […]

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Everything Old is New Again

One of the first questions I am asked when starting a remodeling project is “What is popular these days?”  – according the the National Kitchen & Bath Association, traditional is still the tradition.  The interesting change seems to lean towards simple traditional instead of modified traditional  What does that mean?  Use good quality traditional looks […]

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